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  • Instant Feedback from Expert coaches in the Group on any question you ask regarding your business
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Nothing GREAT has ever been achieved without the help of others

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Who The Hell Is Jake Mast?

Hey it’s Jake here, and I am not an author or traditional influencer.

In fact, I have:

  • No Lamborghinis
  • ​No Jets
  • ​No Rented Mansions
  • ​No Yachts
  • No ​Digital Currencies Owned
  • No ​Books Authored
  • No ​Recycled Knowledge 
  • No ​Rented Ferrari's
  • No ​3-Piece Suits

Here’s what I do have:

The Ability To Work Anywhere In The World Is Only A Click Away... 

Vernon Davis

"My name is Vernon Davis, 14-Year former NFL Tight End Super Bowl Champion, Serial Entrepreneur with Profits in the 8 Figures, and entertainer on ABC's show Dancing with the Stars as well as countless other Hollywood productions... Jake has positively influenced me in my business with his high ticket method over the years... 

As an entrepreneur myself I believe he has built a solid system to help other personal trainers grow their businesses 
The way it needs to be done today.. 

If you are in a position where you are looking to get clients FAST and Reliably,

There is no better person you could be learning this from. Take action today."

Gabriella Wisdom

Jake has already helped me and thousands of other fitness trainers transform their business, and his results speak for themselves.

From my direct experience when Jake asks something of you, you just need to jump in both feet and do it.

You won't be disappointed. 

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